Who are these people?

These sexy folks are your new best friends (and lovers). My hope is that as you spend time tracing each curve and filling in every tat, coloring them to life, that you will fall in love with them and hear their stories. you will come to know their triumphs and failures and perhaps some intimate details that only the two of you understand. 


WHY coloring?

the benefits of art making are endless. from increased clarity of mind, enhanced sense of presence, relaxation, and focus, to sparking inspiration and creativity, we can all benefit from the incredible effects of simple creative projects. these drawings i've prepared for you contain a combination of repetitive patterns, cool looking humans, and every day design objects to provide hours of enjoyment with your coloring set.


Is coloring a good work out?

no. definitely not. i don't even know why you'd ask me that.

however, the meditative effects of coloring help to calm and reset the nervous system so that when you're finished, you'll feel more alert, alive, and in tune than when you began.   


Should I use markers or colored pencils, or what?

yeah, for sure! you can use colored markers, pencils, crayons, or whatever you like.   the designs are all printed on nice, thick card stock that will look beautiful once you've colored them in.   they are perfect to frame or just keep in your nightstand drawer.


What is your shipping policy?

as soon as your order arrives, I will put your package in the mail, and send it to you. it'll probably take a few days unless you request rush shipping. it Doesn't really matter where you are. but it will take a lil longer if you are international (outside u.s.) 


i'll do it.


yep, i'll do it. but it might take a little longer.


What should I have for dinner?

to this i would follow up with, what do you feel like?

if you don't know, then it seems you don't care. and if that's the case, then you should probably just eat some vegetables, because that's very adult. you should try to make yourself something warm and nourishing.. because, you deserve to feel good. also, maybe a little wine would be nice? up to you. but just relax, enjoy yourself right now, and get out your coloring books.


How do I know?

You'll know. trust me. and just trust your self.


Any other questions?